What do we do

We are here to create the simplest solution for Amazon sellers to optimize and grow their business.
Make it faster, simpler, and more effective!

Sage Seller story

In 2019, Sage Seller's founder Illia Cheherst got feedback from sellers on how difficult it is to manage and grow Amazon business. Amazon tools are enormous, complicated, and sometimes expensive. Usual Amazon seller doesn't have enough time to figure out complicated tools, heavy dashboards with a lot of numbers and buttons. At the same time, sellers loose money and opportunities missing important things on Amazon.After 10 years of software experience, it was a good idea to create the simplest platform for typical sellers, where they can manage and grow their business in one click. The tool making everything clear and easy.

In 2022 our team faced the war in Ukraine, we weren't able to keep on supporting our tech-operations, and we pausing SageSeller development.

SageSeller mission

Our #1 Goal is to Provide Outstanding Simple Service for Amazon Sellers.