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Learn how the Amazon account manager service helps you set up, plan out, and execute effective e-commerce strategies, in our article.

The more the e-commerce market grows, the more tense is the competition. Though the number of online shoppers grows year by year, there are millions of merchants offering products online.

Selling on Amazon has become increasingly difficult, both in terms of creating a product and outlining a related sales strategy and in terms of following sales procedures and Amazon account management. Nowadays, it’s hardly possible to just jump on Amazon and start selling. You’ll need to know in advance how things work if you don’t want to lose money.

Moreover, Amazon often changes the rules of the game, and there are traps you can get into, even if you’re already selling on the marketplace for some time and have an experience of online retail. Some people find it frustrating, but in today’s world, what you really want, will never come easy.

There are many ways you can deal with Amazon seller account management in case of any issues or doubts. You can get advice on the Amazon seller forums or find yourself a business mentor. You can hire a virtual assistant to help you with certain kinds of jobs, however, this comes with a cost. Existing businesses, who want to improve their sales metrics and outline further growth strategies, can consult professional auditors.

One of the ways to get assistance to successfully start or develop your business is proposed by Amazon. Amazon is interested that you succeed as a merchant, despite that it prioritizes a customer-centric approach. It offers an option in which Amazon manage seller account is assisted by a dedicated person, Amazon account manager, who helps you set up and grow your business.

In this blog, we will discuss the Amazon seller account management assistance program from Amazon, what Amazon account services you can get, and how Amazon managers can help merchants with Amazon seller accounts.

What is an Amazon Account Manager?

An Amazon account manager is an Amazon employee that helps you establish, develop, and implement an efficient sales strategy on the Amazon marketplace. They can give you professional advice with regard to your account activities and help you with any concerns that may arise.

Account managers are Amazon employees, that have received extensive in-depth training on the best ways to Amazon manage seller account. Typically, they manage 12-15 seller accounts each.

Amazon sellers that are interested to receive help with Amazon account management, can enroll in the Amazon SAS Core program. For Amazon sellers, this is a pay program. Amazon vendors are assigned an account manager who helps manage their vendor accounts.

Amazon Account Managers can help sellers with prearranged tasks
Amazon Account Managers can help sellers with prearranged tasks

How Can an Amazon Account Manager Help You?

Amazon account executive has Amazon manage seller account responsibilities, however, they shouldn’t necessarily be involved in every account’s sale activity area. Depending on your arrangement, they can deal with SEO and PPC tasks, or assist if your listing gets suspended.

A manager of the seller account in Amazon helps you with the following tasks.

Overall account insights and comprehensive strategies

A manager can assist you to manage your account Amazon when it comes to overall personalized business strategy. They’ll analyze your fulfillment procedures, account health, conversion rates, SEO, and PPC optimization, and develop tailored strategies helping you improve and grow your business, as well as enhancing your brand’s reputation management.

Getting started on Amazon

If you’re a newbie on the marketplace, the account manager can help you with listing setup and management. They will assist with listing optimization, including search engine optimization (SEO) and keyword research to increase visibility and ranking. They will help you prepare product launch and ensure that you have everything in place. This includes advertising campaigns, inventory management, and more.

Operational support

An account manager can help you not only with developing a strategic approach to your business. They can give you tactical support with resource-intensive tasks, for instance, listing creation and catalog optimization.

They can provide you with operational recommendations, such as A+ content and content marketing overview, the efficiency of sales processes, ways to increase visibility and SEO, growing conversion rates, propose improvements to logistics management, monitoring PPC advertising effectiveness, etc.

Programs, deals, and account updates

For a seller, it’s a tough job to stay updated on the latest seller offerings. The account manager will inform you about the most important Amazon policy changes, beta and pilot programs, deal opportunities—and give you get tailored guidance relevant to your business and account specifics.

International expansion and diversification

If your business is successfully growing, you may consider expansion to other marketplaces or product diversification. This adds value to your business if done properly, and the account manager can support you with the necessary knowledge about Amazon Selling Global and other nuances of international sales.

Assistance with the account issues

The last, but probably the most important area where account managers can help sellers is resolving issues. This can be anything ranging from account suspension and dealing with negative reviews to filing reimbursement claims. Since Amazon has a lot of regulations you may not be aware of, the account manager can guide you so that you’re not violating those.

What is Amazon SAS Core Program?

The Strategic Account Services (SAS) Core is Amazon’s program that gives third-party sellers the option to get their own account manager inside Amazon. SAS Core provides you with a designated account manager, who can become your trusted advisor on Amazon and assist you with scaling your business, reaching new customers and target audiences, and growing sales.

As said above, your account manager helps with identifying your business gaps and areas of opportunity; they’ll help you revise your business plan and follow up on the progress.

SAS Core account managers are all Amazon employees. Their level of expertise is determined by extensive training and their experience with the best Amazon practices. They are required to have a bachelor’s degree and 5+ years of experience in sales, marketing, and the economy.

You will contact your account manager by phone and email, including scheduled monthly check-in calls to review your business activities.

SAS Core Amazon page
SAS Core Amazon page

How Does the Amazon SAS Core Program Work?

In order to be eligible for an Amazon Account Manager through SAS Core, you’ll have to have an active Professional Selling Account on Amazon. The program is available both to brand owners and resellers in the U.S.

If you’d like to enroll multiple Selling Accounts, you’ll need to complete the application form with an email address and Merchant Token unique to each Selling Account.

When you’re assigned an Amazon Account Manager, you have to work with them for a minimum of 3 months. If you are unhappy with your manager, you can leave corresponding feedback and reach out to their manager via a link included in their email signature.

If you’d like to cancel your enrollment to SAS Core, this can be done in your Seller Central Account, after a three-month period. To do that, navigate to Seller Central > Programs > Premium Services > Manage > Cancel Program.

How Much Does SAS Core Cost?

The cost for SAS Core is $1,600/month + 0.3% of your previous calendar month’s total monthly revenue (item price * quantity excluding returns, shipping, gift wrap, or other charges) + tax. Fees in any month will typically not exceed $5,000.

What’s the Difference between Seller and Vendor Account Managers?

Vendors on Amazon are automatically assigned, account managers. This service is included in the vendor account set of services. Vendor account managers usually deal with selecting inventory and managing orders.

Enjoy your sales, and don’t forget about your product’s profitability and KPIs. It’s very important to keep track of them as they show your account health. To do the analysis easily, you can use Business Analytics Seller tools, like SelleRise. With this tool, you can keep track of your sales, costs, and profits and see where you can optimize them. Also, you can see sales and profit dynamics showing you how healthy is your business.