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Amazon wish list allows you to tap into a large group of online shoppers who want to take the hassle out of gift-giving. Read how Amazon wish lists work in our article.

Every time when the holiday season approaches, people start roaming the web for ingenious gift ideas. All of us adore surprises and hate unwanted gifts. People are really disappointed when they receive unwanted gifts, this may spoil the whole holiday, especially for kids.

Amazon invented a smart way to go around this. Back in 1999, Amazon came up with an idea to offer its customers to create a wish list from their account on Amazon’s website. This service allows generating a list of products Amazon’s shopper would like to receive as giftы and sharing it with friends, family, or anyone else. Those having access to the list can select and purchase any of the gifts on the list, buy them through the internet on the Amazon web page, and get them delivered to the wish list creator’s door.

From the seller’s perspective, wish lists analysis is a good tool to understand customer feedback. It helps adjust digital marketing strategy, especially when it comes to pricing. If a shopper adds your product to a wish list, that may prompt that if you make a discount on the product, it will be bought faster. Moreover, creating a seller’s own wish list helps in your product research, search engine marketing, and search engine optimization.

In this blog, we will discuss how does Amazon wish lists work, how to make an Amazon wish list, and how sellers can use wish lists to improve their sales and conversion rates.

What Is a Wish List?

Amazon wish list option allows a shopper to create their own list of products they may plan to buy or want to obtain as a gift.

You can use this option in two ways, therefore. The first way is that when you make a search on Amazon and come across some nice or interesting product ideas that you are not planning to purchase right now, but may do so in the future, you can add those items to your wish list. This will remind you about your search results and will mean that you didn’t spend the time in wain. This list may also remind you to buy some necessary goods.

The second way is that this list can be used as a gift registry. Once you’ve created your wish list, you can share the Amazon wishlist link with any other person who may want to buy you a gift, like family or friends. Having access to that link, they can see what items are of interest to you and this will make their life easier when it comes to buying your gifts.

Once they’ve decided which of the gifts to give you, they can order them online and have them shipped directly to your door.

Amazon wish list
Amazon wish list 

How Do Amazon Wishlists Work?

In order to share your gift ideas with someone, you’ll need to create an Amazon wish list first. After adding to Amazon wish list the products you discovered and expect to be purchased as potential gifts, you’ll need to send an Amazon wishlist link to the person you want to get familiarized with it. That person will select a gift from the list and order delivery to your home.

This is a good way to avoid unwanted gifts and will save everyone’s time and money. Your friends won’t need to spend hours browsing the web for product ideas, and they will be confident that you will use the item.

To see how does Amazon wish list work in practice, let’s consider an example.

Sarah is having her 21st birthday. It’s an important date and family wants to give her good gifts, but they are not really sure what exactly she wants. They asked her for gift ideas. She was browsing Amazon’s website and created a wish list well before the birth date.

Sarah shared the wishlist link with her family, they reviewed the list, selected gifts, and purchased them.

Amazon delivered the gifts to Sarah’s home.

Amazon also ensured that a gift surprise is not spoiled. In the wish lists option, there is a default setting ‘Don’t Spoil My Surprise.’ If you are the kind of person that doesn’t like surprises, you can turn it off.

Sarah likes surprises, so she was not informed what gifts and by whom have been bought for her. She has discovered that only after she received the package with the note saying that.

Also, there’s no way that multiple people can buy one and the same gift from the wish list. Once a gift has been bought, it is hidden from view.

How Are Amazon Wish Lists Useful for Shoppers?

With a wish list, shoppers can track their preferences, get updates, earn money, and more.

With wish lists, shoppers can:

  • Save products they want to purchase in the future;
  • Get a reminder of the products they want to buy;
  • Share a registry for gifts with friends and family;
  • Create collaborative lists by inviting friends and family;
  • Use gift list as a source of gift ideas;
  • Receive price and other updates on the wishlist products;
  • Earn money by adding affiliate products to your lists and promoting them on social media;
  • Save money by buying exactly what people want;
  • Compare prices across online shopping platforms using the Chrome Amazon Assistant.

How to Make an Amazon Wishlist?

Below you can find a step-by-step guide on how to make an Amazon wishlist to keep track of products you want to buy later or share a wishlist link.

Step 1. Navigate to Account & Lists and choose Your Lists.

Step 2. Select Create a List and enter a list name.

Step 3. Select Create List.

Step 4. Go to the three dots menu > Manage List and check your delivery address and other settings.

Step 5. Save Changes.

Step 6. Repeat the whole process if you want to create one more list.

Step 7. Add items to your list.

Navigate to Account & Lists and choose Your Lists
Navigate to Account & Lists and choose Your Lists

To add items to a wishlist, select Add to List on the product details page of the item you wish to add. On the product details page, there is an option to add it to one of your lists. In the app, there is a heart symbol in the bottom left-hand corner of the product. You can tap on it to add the item to the wish list.

To add items to a wishlist, select Add to List
To add items to a wishlist, select Add to List 

Changes to lists can be made only by the list owners. Information can be updated at any time. Gift givers can see the name, city, and state of the list owner’s address.

How to Find Other Person’s Amazon Wish List?

If you wish to purchase a gift for some person from their Amazon wish list, you can do so if such a list has been made public.

To find someone’s wish list:

  • Open the Amazon page, and click the ‘Find a Registry or List’;
  • Enter the name of the person you are looking for;
  • Select ‘Search’;
  • In the results list, select the person’s name.
  • If you cannot find the name you are looking for, click the ‘Add Friend’.

How Can Sellers Use Amazon Wish Lists?

Amazon wish lists can be useful not only to the shoppers. Amazon merchants can also use wish lists as a tool for customer feedback analysis and for product research.

Here's how sellers can use wish lists:

Product research: you can search for niche product ideas by browsing ‘Amazon Most Wished for List’;

Price reductions: buyers may not be ready to buy your product due to pricing; they’ll be notified if you drop the price;

Gift ideas: you can both research items to sell as gifts and provide updates on holiday offers, discounts, and gift bundles for the shoppers who added your items to wish list;

Customer engagement via seller wish list: create a list of products you will sell in the future; share wish lists on social media and encourage customers to add products to the list;

Promotion: promote your wish lists to your target audience on Facebook and other social media; launch polls; ask VIP shoppers to add products to your lists; encourage your shoppers to share wish lists; launch contests for choosing new products;

Marketing: conduct market research on new and existing products.

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