If you receive a complaint from Amazon regarding intellectual property (IP), do not ignore it. Ignoring it could result in your account being suspended. Learn how to handle and prevent IP complaints when selling on Amazon.

How to avoid IP complaints with Seller Assistant App?

Understanding IP Claims

An IP complaint is when someone claims you have violated their intellectual property rights. This usually happens when a brand owner reports that you’re selling your product on Amazon without permission.

Types of IP Rights on Amazon

There are three main types of IP rights in Amazon: copyright (for writing), trademark (for branding), and patent (for innovation). Amazon has introduced a policy to protect FBA sellers, but competitors can still abuse it.

IP Complaints

Difference Between IP Complaints and Brand Restrictions

IP complaints are different from brand restrictions. Brand restrictions prevent you from selling certain brands on Amazon, but you can get an IP complaint even if you are allowed to sell the brand.

Types of Messages About IP Complaints

You can get messages about IP complaints from Amazon or directly from customers or manufacturers. Respond to Amazon’s messages immediately, but you can ignore messages from customers or brands unless they pertain to brand restrictions.

Example of reply to Amazon IP claim

Steps to Remove an IP Complaint

If you receive an IP infringement notice from Amazon, follow these steps:

Step 1. Contact the brand owner and apologize.

Step 2. Provide invoices for goods.

Step 3. Ask the brand owner to withdraw the complaint.

Step 4. Tell Amazon you contacted the brand owner.

Step 5. Proof of purchase must be provided.

Step 6. Present a complaint resolution plan.

Step 7. Amazon has asked to withdraw from the case.

Will Amazon Suspend Your Account?

Your account will not be suspended after the first IP complaint, but if you ignore it, getting a new account could get you suspended. Show Amazon you take it seriously by responding immediately.

How to Avoid IP Complaints

Avoiding IP complaints is crucial for maintaining a healthy selling business on Amazon, and the Seller Assistant App provides valuable assistance in this area. Here's how the extension helps you avoid IP complaints:

  • Seller Assistant App IP Alerts Feature: Seller Assistant App’s IP Alerts feature notifies you immediately if any of the products or brands you're selling have been associated with IP complaints. This proactive approach allows you to take action swiftly to mitigate any potential risks.
  • Comprehensive Data Analysis: Seller Assistant App analyzes a wide range of data, including IP violations, product authenticity complaints, listing policy violations, and more. By providing comprehensive insights into your account health, Seller Assistant App helps you identify and address any areas of concern before they escalate into IP complaints.
  • Restrictions Checker: Seller Assistant App Restrictions Checker feature allows you to quickly and easily determine if a brand or product is subject to any restrictions on Amazon. By avoiding selling restricted brands or products, you reduce the likelihood of receiving IP complaints related to those items.
  • Communication and sales management: Seller Assistant App seamlessly integrates into your seller workflow, providing valuable insights and alerts directly within the extension. This integration ensures that you can access relevant information and take necessary actions without disrupting your daily operations.

Final Thoughts

Take IP complaints seriously and respond promptly to Amazon. It's also wise to avoid brands that may cause problems. Seller Assistant App helps you identify and avoid potential issues, allowing you to grow your Amazon business with confidence. Try it now with a 14-day trial.