Exploring the intricate process of selling hazardous materials (hazmat) on Amazon can be both challenging and rewarding. Understanding Amazon's regulations and the steps required to navigate the sale of hazmat products is crucial for sellers dealing with items deemed high-risk.

What Qualifies as Hazmat on Amazon?

Hazmat, short for hazardous materials, refers to substances posing risks to health, safety, property, or the environment. These items demand specialized handling and transport due to their potentially dangerous nature, often requiring specific safety measures and infrastructure for storage.

Amazon categorizes certain products as hazmat due to the presence of hazardous materials or substances. For instance, items like laptops containing lithium batteries fall under this classification. Surprisingly, everyday products such as hairspray, nail polish, pet care items, or shaving cream might also be considered hazmat.

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Examples of hazmat goods

Permitted and Prohibited Hazmat Categories on Amazon

Amazon allows FBA merchants to sell specific hazmat categories upon approval. These categories include 

  • flammable solids, 
  • liquids, 
  • gases, 
  • non-toxic gases, 
  • oxidizers, 
  • toxic substances, 
  • corrosive materials, 
  • miscellaneous dangerous items like lithium batteries 
  • magnetized materials.

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Hazmat categories allowed for FBA sales with approval

However, certain hazmat categories are prohibited from FBA sales, including 

  • explosive substances, 
  • toxic gases, 
  • materials dangerous when wet, those prone to spontaneous combustion, 
  • infectious substances, 
  • radioactive materials.

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Hazmat categories prohibited from FBA sales

How to Determine Hazmat Products?

Before listing products on Amazon, sellers must ascertain whether they fall under the hazmat classification. Selling hazmat products on Amazon necessitates approval. Attempting to send hazmat inventory to an Amazon fulfillment center without approval will result in the items being held until all necessary documents are provided.

The process involves navigating through Seller Central, accessing the FBA Dangerous Goods program, using the Manage Dangerous Goods Classification workflow, and checking the status of the ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number).

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Seller Assistant App shows a hazmat icon if a product belongs to dangerous goods category

How to Check Products for Hazmat?

Before selling a product on Amazon, it's important to check if it's categorized as hazardous material (hazmat). Selling hazmat items on Amazon requires approval, and sending such products to an Amazon fulfillment center without authorization can lead to delays until the necessary documents are provided.

To check if a product is hazmat in your Seller Central:

Step 1: Go to the FBA Dangerous Goods program.

Step 2: Use the Manage Dangerous Goods Classification workflow, select "Look Up an ASIN," and proceed.

Step 3: Enter the ASIN and click "Check status" to determine its hazmat classification.

However, for a quicker check, consider using the Seller Assistant App's product research extension. This tool displays a hazmat icon directly on the Amazon product page if the item falls under the hazardous goods category, simplifying the verification process.

Selling Hazmat Products Safely

Selling hazmat products requires sellers to obtain Amazon's approval and submit additional documentation. These items must be processed in specialized hazmat fulfillment centers, handled with extra care, and entail additional costs and efforts.

The approval process involves submitting required documentation like Safety Data Sheets (SDS) when listing hazmat products. Amazon reviews the information and typically grants approval within two business days.

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Handling Unapproved Hazmat Items

Sending unapproved hazmat products to an Amazon fulfillment center leads to delays in customer delivery. Amazon will hold these items and provide a 14-day window to submit necessary documentation. Failure to comply will result in the disposal of these items.

Amazon's Dangerous Product Review

Amazon may initiate a dangerous product review if an item is flagged as hazmat or similar products are classified as hazardous goods. During this review, Amazon inspects the product to ensure it poses no risk.

After the review, Amazon classifies the product as non-dangerous (business as usual), restricted dangerous (enrollment in the FBA Dangerous Goods Program required), or unfulfillable dangerous (cannot be fulfilled through FBA).

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FBA Dangerous Goods Program

Amazon's FBA Dangerous Goods Program assists merchants in selling hazmat products. To join, products must be FBA-fulfilled, new, and shipped in limited quantities adhering to specific regulations.

Storing Hazmat Products

Hazmat products require storage in specialized centers equipped to handle such dangerous goods. Storage spaces for hazmat items are limited, and sellers can monitor these limits in Seller Central.

Fulfillment and Storage Fees

Amazon imposes fees for the fulfillment and storage of hazmat inventory based on weight, dimensions, and daily average volume of space occupied.

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Selling hazmat products on Amazon demands sellers to obtain approval, failing which Amazon holds or disposes of these items. Prior to purchase, sellers should verify whether a product falls under hazardous goods.

Several seller tools, like the Seller Assistant App, aid in swiftly checking items for hazmat classification. This tool, designed for Amazon sellers involved in online arbitrage, wholesale, and dropshipping, integrates various features crucial for product research.