Are you an Amazon seller tired of juggling multiple tabs and apps while searching for profitable deals? The process of product research demands your attention to every detail, making time a precious commodity. Seller Assistant’s Side Panel View is here to revolutionize your sourcing process, offering a smarter and more efficient way to gather essential product information.

What is Seller Assistant’s Side Panel View?

Seller Assistant’s Side Panel View is a game-changing feature designed to display key Amazon product information right alongside any website, Amazon pages, or your Google Sheets. This eliminates the need to constantly switch between tabs, making your research quick, seamless, and effective.

Features of Side Panel View

Product title: Quickly identify the product.

ASIN: Amazon Standard Identification Number for easy tracking.

Brand: Know the brand behind the product.

Category: Understand the product category.

Best Sellers Rank (BSR): Gauge the product's popularity.

Product flags: Be aware of any alerts like hazmat, fragile, or IP issues.

Likes and dislikes: See customer sentiment.

Restriction checker: Check for selling restrictions.

FBA and FBM seller count: Know your competition.

Break-even price point (BEP): Calculate your costs.

Estimated product sales: Estimate potential sales.

BuyBox price: See the current selling price.

Cost of Goods (COG): Input your costs for accurate profit calculations.

Benefits of Using Side Panel View

On-page Product Sourcing

With Side Panel View, you can analyze essential Amazon product details directly on any website, Amazon pages, or Google Sheets. This allows for a seamless evaluation of potential products without interrupting your browsing session.

Quick Sourcing Decisions

Say goodbye to constantly opening each product on Amazon search pages and juggling multiple tabs. Access key product details instantly within the Side Panel View.

Streamlined Research

Having all essential information at your fingertips saves valuable time. Quickly assess multiple products and make informed decisions faster.

Data-driven Sourcing

Gain valuable insights into product performance and estimated sales potential. Utilize the built-in FBA calculator to analyze profit margins and identify high-margin items.

Risk Mitigation

Stay alert to potential risks such as intellectual property complaints, hazardous materials, or oversized products. Make informed decisions about product selection to avoid issues.

Increased Productivity

By consolidating essential information into one accessible location, Side Panel View enhances your workflow, saving time and reducing unnecessary steps.

How to Use Side Panel View?

Accessing Side Panel View

You can activate Side Panel View with a single click by clicking the Side Panel View icon.

On Amazon search pages: Click the Side Panel View icon in Seller Assistant’s Quick View.

On Amazon product pages: Click the Side Panel View icon in the Seller Assistant extension.

On supplier websites or Google Sheets: Open the product on Amazon, activate the Side Panel View icon, and navigate to the supplier website or Google Sheets. Side Panel View will automatically appear.

Side Panel View on Any Website

To activate Side Panel View on any website, select the text you want to search, right-click, and choose “Search with Seller Assistant”. Side Panel View will display all available Amazon offers for the selected product.

Side Panel View Use Cases

Quick Product Research

While browsing Amazon search pages, use Side Panel View to get instant insights into BSR, seller count, estimated sales, profit, and ROI without opening each product.

Finding a Match on Amazon

With Side Panel View, find a match on Amazon for any product selected on any other website, enabling quick sourcing and research.

Comparing Products Side-by-Side

Open Side Panel View for multiple products simultaneously to compare key metrics and make informed sourcing decisions.

Enhanced On-page Sourcing

Calculate product profit, ROI, break-even price point, and estimated sales with any potential supplier’s price directly within the Side Panel View.

Competitive Intelligence

Use Side Panel View on competitor listings to understand pricing strategies, BSR, and number of sellers, informing your own pricing decisions and market positioning.

Google Sheets Integration

Analyze products directly within your Google Sheets pages with Side Panel View, displaying key metrics alongside other business factors.


What is the best product sourcing tool for Amazon products?

While the "best" product sourcing tool is subjective, Seller Assistant App offers a powerful and cost-effective solution, helping sellers find profitable Amazon deals effortlessly.

How does Seller Assistant Side Panel View help with Amazon product research?

Side Panel View enables Amazon sellers to see crucial product details directly on Amazon or any other webpage, saving time and facilitating quicker, data-driven sourcing decisions.

How to source products to sell on Amazon?

There are various sourcing methods including wholesale, online arbitrage, private labeling, and dropshipping. Research each method to determine the best fit for your needs.

Where to source products to sell on Amazon?

You can source products from online retailers, brands offering bulk discounts, retail stores for discounted items, manufacturers for private labeling, or dropshipping suppliers.

Final Thoughts

Seller Assistant's Side Panel View is a must-have tool for Amazon sellers seeking to optimize their product sourcing efforts. By providing instant access to key product information, it empowers sellers to make informed, data-driven decisions quickly and efficiently.

With its comprehensive features, including FBM&FBA Profit Calculator, Quick View, ASIN Grabber, Restrictions Checker, and more, Seller Assistant streamlines product data collection, offering valuable insights into profitability, demand, competition, and other vital factors. Embrace the power of Side Panel View and elevate your Amazon business to new heights!