If you are a virtual assistant engaged in Amazon product research, you know how difficult it is to manually find high-profit products. Nowadays, few virtual assistants do so. That is because it’s incredibly time- and effort-consuming.

A great solution to this problem is using Amazon product research software. The majority of virtual assistants apply such tools in their work. They simplify product sourcing and save time.

To ensure accurate and reliable results, you must apply the best tools to help you conveniently estimate all product data. This post will discuss the best tool for Amazon virtual assistants who do product research.

What Is Seller Assistant App?

Seller Assistant App is a comprehensive new-generation tool that helps virtual assistants (VAs) find high-profit products for Amazon sellers. It has a set of functions and features that make product research easy and efficient.

It shows important information about products, their key metrics, and potential problems such as restricted categories, IP alerts, negative reviews, and more. The extension makes research simple by displaying all the necessary details right on Amazon product or search results pages.

You can also save the results to Google Sheets with just one click to use them later.

Seller Assistant App

How Seller Assistant App Helps Virtual Assistants?

By using Seller Assistant App, VAs can immediately see if a product meets their research criteria or has any problems that make it unsuitable for reselling.

Triple widget

Seller Assistant App is featured on the Amazon product page, search results page, and Seller Central inventory page. On the product page, it offers comprehensive product information, alerts, profitability insights, competition analysis, supplier search links, and stock availability details. It also displays relevant data below each product on the search results page, facilitating informed purchasing decisions.

Valuable product information

Seller Assistant App provides essential product information, including ASIN, BSR, category, dimensions, pricing, and more. That helps make smart product purchase decisions.

Its Quick View feature shows details like ASIN, BSR, category, number of competitors, custom notes, and if it’s possible to see if you can sell the product right on Amazon search pages.

Sub-accounts for VAs

Seller Assistant App allows connecting up to 3 users, giving virtual assistants secure access to a seller account.

That enables efficient collaboration and delegation of tasks.

FBM&FBA Profit Calculator

The extension also has an FBM&FBA profit calculator, which calculates metrics like Return on Investment, profit margin, break-even point, and targeted ROI price. It also provides a sales and profit estimator.

That helps VAs analyze and optimize their pricing strategies for maximum profitability.

Offers and competition

Seller Assistant App provides a list of offers, including FBM and FBA offers, along with competitors' prices and ratings. VAs can easily compare and evaluate the competition to make competitive pricing and sourcing decisions.

Advanced sales history and competition

The Advanced sales history feature allows you to analyze current offers, BSR, and price changes over 30, 90, and 180 days. The extension provides a list of offers, including the lowest price offers for FBM and FBA and competitor ratings.

That lets VAs easily compare and evaluate the competition to make competitive pricing and sourcing decisions.

Unique IP-Alert database

Seller Assistant App offers an Advanced IP Alert system that notifies VAs about intellectual property claims, their type, and date.

Seller Assistant App's IP Alert

That helps VAs identify potential issues and take action to protect their account health. The alerts come from the Seller Assistant App's own database, which is updated daily.

Restriction Checker/Bulk Restriction Checker

The app includes a Restriction Checker tool that helps sellers identify product restrictions, including Hazmat, oversize, meltable, fragile, and adult flags. Bulk Restriction Checker allows checking restrictions in bulk.

That ensures virtual assistants follow Amazon's policies and avoid restricted items.

Seller Assistant App's Restriction Checker

Sales and profit estimator

Seller Assistant App provides a sales and profit estimator, allowing VAs to estimate their total product sales and competition-based profit. This estimation feature assists in assessing market potential and making data-driven decisions.

Keepa Graph integration

The extension integrates Keepa Graph, providing BSR graph and advances product sales history. This feature helps VAs analyze product performance over time and make informed decisions based on historical data.

Stock Checker

The Stock Checker feature shows how many products are left in your competitors' stocks.

This information is essential for inventory planning and turnover optimization.

Variation viewer

Seller Assistant App offers a variation viewer that displays product variations and the percentage of reviews per variation. This feature assists VAs in understanding customer preferences and making informed decisions regarding product variations.

Multiple browser support

Seller Assistant App is available on popular browsers like Chrome, Safari, Edge, and Firefox, providing flexibility and convenience for users who prefer different browsers.

Google Sheets export

VAs can export data to Google Sheets with a single click, with over 80 variables available for export.

That allows them to customize and analyze their data externally.

How to Research Amazon Products with Seller Assistant App?

Seller Assistant App helps VAs simplify product research. This tool lets you conveniently see all the essential product metrics in one place. By following the steps below, you can identify high-profit items.

Steps to research products on Amazon

Step 1. Exclude Private Label and Amazon-sold products

Ensure the product you're looking at is not a Private Label (PL) product or sold by Amazon. As a wholesale seller, you can't sell trademarked Private Label products owned by another merchant.

To identify such products, check the number of sellers. If Seller Assistant App's Product Information dashboard shows that only one seller is offering the product, it's likely a Private Label item, and you should avoid buying it.

Also, avoid products that are sold by Amazon since competing with Amazon can be challenging.

Step 2. Check product sales

Assess the product's demand by analyzing its Best Sellers Rank (BSR) on Amazon. Although Amazon doesn't provide exact sales figures for wholesale products, BSR gives you an idea of the sales performance.

Use Seller Assistant App to get an estimated sales number based on BSR and category. It also shows the average BSR and its history over 30, 90, and 180 days. Look for high-performing products highlighted in green (top 1% of sales), and be cautious of lower-performing products marked in red. Pay attention to the direction of the arrows: a downward green arrow indicates a decrease in BSR, while an upward red arrow indicates an increase.

BSR in the Seller Assistant App

Step 3. Check Buy Box information

Evaluate your competition by examining the Buy Box seller's offer. Seller Assistant App's Product Information dashboard provides important Buy Box details, including the average Buy Box price and the minimum FBA and FBM Buy Box price offers.

Analyze the dynamics of the Buy Box, including price changes that may affect your ability to consistently sell the product.

Step 4. Research competition and potential sales

Estimate the level of competition and the number of units you can potentially sell. Seller Assistant App shows the estimated potential sales for the item if you become an additional seller.

Look at the number of merchants selling the product. More than 10 FBA merchants show that competition is high. Identify competitors whose offers are priced 2-3% higher than the Buy Box price.

Estimating seller information, competition, and potential sales with Seller Assistant App

Step 5. Verify sales restrictions and alerts

Ensure the product you plan to sell is not in a restricted category or brand that could cause issues. Use Seller Assistant App's features like IP Alert and Restriction Checker to identify potential problems.

The IP Alert feature displays a Red Triangle icon if there have been past issues with the product.

Seller Assistant App's IP Alert

The Restriction Checker feature indicates your eligibility to sell the product with a Green Open Lock or Red Closed Lock icon.

Step 6. Check product profitability

Evaluate the product's profitability to ensure a good profit margin. Use Seller Assistant App's FBA&FBM calculator to calculate essential profitability metrics like profit, ROI, and profit margin for both FBA and FBM.

Review the costs associated with FBA or FBM, Amazon commissions, referral fees, storage costs, third-party logistics costs, and shipping expenses.

If you sell globally, consider European VAT requirements and choose the appropriate scheme provided by Seller Assistant App to comply with regulations and simplify the VAT process.

Step 7. Save the result to Google Sheets

Export your product research results to Google Sheets for further storage and analysis.

When you're on the Amazon website, open a product, add any necessary notes, and click the "Save" button to save the results.

Final Thoughts

Product research can be a challenging task for virtual assistants. However, with Seller Assistant Аpp, it is simplified. Seller Assistant App is a complete tool for product research on Amazon. It includes all the critical features you need.

It helps you quickly identify product profitability and determine if a product has any sales restrictions or caused problems. The extension combines valuable tools like an FBM&FBA profit calculator, Quick View, Stock Checker, and Restrictions Checker in one convenient tool.