Aloha, Amazon Seller!

Here comes good news for you: Amazon launched operations in Poland. New market always opens new opportunities for your business. SageSeller welcomes new Amazon marketplace and wishes sellers success in the new market.

Your listings are from now on available on To start looking for the new customers in Poland, you would need to join Amazon Global Selling program and register your acoount. With Amazon Global Selling, you can list and sell your products in 20 marketplaces.

SageSeller created detailed instructions how to start your international business with the Sell Globally program.

We would also like to remind you about a couple of lifehacks which are important to start business in a new market.

Take some time and study the market. Though Poland is a European country, you might encounter some differences in customer’s preferences depending on the items you sell. Check if your product is suitable for the targeting in Poland.

Adjust your pricing to the new market.

Thoroughly check all tax rules.

Study all internal Poland’s regulations and ensure that your product is compliant with all necessary rules and certificates.

After you’ve registered your account and when your listings are translated, don’t forget to thoroughly check the translation so that they are not looking like Google-translate. Do reverse translation and see how it looks.

If you use specific symbols in your listing like bullets etc., see to it that they are not converted into hieroglyphs.

SageSeller wishes you good luck with your sales in Poland.