While your PPC campaigns are working, you look after your ACOS, sales from advertisement, and sales rank.

At the same time, PPC campaigns affect your organic sales, and most Amazon sellers know about TACoS  - total ACoS.

The main question is how to see both your organic sales and PPC sales?

At the Seller Central forum, you may find a lot of topics with this question. Unfortunately, there is no report in Amazon Seller Central, which could show your advertisement and non-advertisement sales separately.

However, Third Party Software provides such analytics. In SageSeller, we show these details in our Profit Dashboard and Products Dashboard.

Firstly, you need to sign up at SageSeller and connect your Seller Account.

Then, to see your organic sales go to Profit Dashboard and look at the Sales block:

Here you can see separately your overall Ad sales and Organic sales. Also, you can see Ad Orders, Organic Orders, Ad Units and Organic Units.

You may choose any period you are interested in, to see exact details.

If you want to see details for each product, go to Products Dashboard and click at profit.

You may choose any period in this Dashboard as well.

Here you can see separately your Ad Sales, Organic Sales, and even more - Ad Orders, Organic Orders, Ad Units, and Organic Units exactly for this product!

Research this for different days to find how your PPC campaigns impact your organic sales.

You can also set your daily, weekly, monthly reports and get these details to your e-mail:

It looks so good and understandable, isn't it? 🔥

SageSeller is free for small sellers and free for others during 30 days!

If you are interested to look at details of your sales, and research performance of each of your products it's a good time to try SageSeller.