Aloha, Amazon seller!

In July 2020, the Sales Summary disappeared from Seller Central. As you know, it was a dashboard that showed Today, 7 days, 15 days, 30 days for the sales of ordered products and units.

Sales Summary in SageSeller's Profit report
Sales Summary in SageSeller's Profit Reports

A lot of sellers were disappointed since they couldn’t see Amazon seller statistics in the format they were used to seeing. Merchants were complaining, that not only Amazon summary report, but the whole dashboard was looking like “a complete mess with lots of useless boxes”, and they couldn’t get access to the information they need.

According to the sellers, the old format was much handier and it would have been helpful if Amazon had returned the sales summary. However, this didn’t happen.

However, there is a place where sellers can still find this information in the way it used to be in their Seller Central. For your convenience, SageSeller implemented this dashboard in its Profit Reports. If you are used to Summary Sales statistics, join SageSeller, and get it anytime.