Amazon sellers, gather around! This one’s for you.

You run a business so maximizing your revenue is always top priority. This FBA refund software will enable you to make the most of your profits by making sure that all reimbursements come through successfully.

What are FBA refunds and how do they help you keep more money?

Review Your FBA Account
Review Your FBA Account

An Amazon FBA refund is an amount given to sellers when the FBA team is found to be the culprit in a return incident. These can be during delivery errors, loss, damage, and other inappropriate actions indicated in Amazon’s policy.

With more than 197 million people a month visiting Amazon, you can imagine just how big of a deal Amazon has become.

For online sellers, Amazon, particularly Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) has proved to be a tool for success. After all, they handle logistics, shipping, and even customer returns.

However, Amazon FBA returns can actually cost you in the long run.

Since FBA is a pretty huge operation on its own, there are bound to be mistakes and delays every now and then.

What do we mean by this?

Amazon FBA probably owes you money that you didn’t know about.

When does Amazon FBA owe you refunds?

You are eligible for Amazon FBA refunds if:

  • The customer fails to return the item to the fulfillment center
  • The customer damages the item before it’s returned
  • The item was damaged by Amazon
  • Amazon loses your inventory
  • There are processing fees for certain categories or errors such as being overcharged by mistake.

Of course, Amazon processes millions of products regularly. Every now and then, there are products that get lost or damaged.

Amazon already has policies in place to manage these returns and reimbursements. But this requires sellers to keep a close eye on your inventory—you never know how much Amazon still owes you and you won’t be able to follow up to get them as fast as possible.

You will have to monitor all your transactions to spot the opportunities for refunds. You will have to consistently track your inventory, customer returns, and if the profits all add up.

And if Amazon is delayed in reimbursing you, you will need to file a formal request and monitor the progress—all of which can take hours and hours a day.

It’s time to stop tracking your FBA refunds manually

The good news for Amazon FBA sellers though—there’s a tool that automates all the manual work involved in getting FBA refunds.

RefundsManager basically combines digital processes with a human touch. They take care of everything from tracking orders, reviewing errors, and filing claims—all to ensure that your hard-earned profits are safe, secure, and well-protected.
This involves combing through your entire inventory and transaction records to pinpoint those eligible for reimbursements.

When you get the Amazon FBA refund reports, you’ll be surprised at the amount that RefundsManager can recover for you—money that would have been lost otherwise.

Actual sellers, actual stories: Here’s what Amazon sellers are saying about RefundsManager

RefundsManager has no shortage of credible reviews, all of which can be viewed on TrustPilot.

Amazon sellers continue to be impressed with Refunds Manager due to the following reasons:

  • They’ve been in the business long enough. They started in 2012, so they’ve had tons of experience dealing with Amazon.
  • They have a high success rate for claims. It’s all due to a combination of skill and experience. They don’t just charge blindly—RefundsManager only submits claims that can get you your money back.

    The human touch is priceless. While RefundsManager automates the process for you, they never automate the claims process. Each and every claim is handled manually by an expert to ensure the security of your Amazon account.

Check out these success stories from real Amazon FBA sellers:

  • Denise Craig, an Amazon seller since 2005, got $4,287 back in FBA refunds in just a year. He thought that he had lost a lot of money from inventory damages, but in the first month alone, he received a refund of more than $1,000.
  • Lisa used to work for 4 to 5 hours every other week on refunds. Now, she’s able to get back up to 10 hours per month while getting refunds. Check out her story here.
  • Dropshipper and wholesale seller Yvonne Van Gaasbeck was very frustrated with the FBA reimbursement process. After signing up for RefundsManager, she received over $2,500 the first year without getting stressed. Read the full details here.