Don't let your rankings get hurt by a few bad Amazon reviews. Learn how to remove negative reviews on your Amazon products.

Being an Amazon seller, you are always concerned about your image and reputation on the platform. The positive sales history of your brand or product also matters as Amazon would rank it higher.

On the other hand, irrespective of how perfect your listing is, there is always a chance that you will get a negative review. People are emotional and tend to express their opinions when they are dissatisfied with the product or service. It is also very true, that if they are happy with the service, in most cases they would not bother to leave feedback.

Whatever irritating or boring it may sound, you need to deal with the negative reviews the way showing customer care and high quality of the services you provide as a seller. And if the negative feedback is objective and indicates that you have a problem, you will need to fix it.

You can also ask the shopper or Amazon to remove the feedback, especially if this is a fake or abusive review. Although it’s not highly likely that Amazon would remove the negative customer feedback, you can always try to convince them to do so. However, it’s solely up to them to decide. They are also very well aware of the review manipulation problem. They have an extensive policy on how to delete an Amazon review.

What Is Considered a Negative Review on Amazon?

Before digging into what you can and what you are not recommended to do when you get a bad review, and how to remove bad reviews on Amazon, you need to know what exactly is a bad review on Amazon.

If your product has over 3 starts, the feedback is considered positive. Anything less than three stars would be anticipated by the buyers as a bad Amazon review. The worst reviews on Amazon would be, therefore, one-star reviews.

However, if you get too many negative reviews, this might be an indicator of your competitors’ dirty game.

Why Are Reviews Important?

There are several reasons behind it. Firstly, a lot of people would rather trust other people’s opinions than an advertisement. High ranking builds customer trust and creates a solid ground for a perfect brand reputation. Good or bad reviews are good indicators of shoppers’ behavior.

Secondly, reviews matter for Amazon, as they focus a lot on customer-centric services and wouldn’t like to have sellers with bad reputations onboard.

Thirdly, people would always read bad reviews, this is a fact. This is because you need to always react to them shoving that you are a trustworthy seller caring about your customer opinion.

And lastly, the negative review may show you the problem with your product you were not aware of, or the way you can improve your item. This is why you need to analyze negative feedback and make use of it if it is relevant.

The negative review may show you the problem with your product
The negative review may show you the problem with your product

How to Deal with Negative Reviews?

Okay, sooner or later you will get a 1-star or 2-star review, all sellers do. What do you do then? To start with, don’t get angry or upset. A good idea is to analyze the reason behind the negative review.

Ask yourself three questions.

  • Why is the customer unhappy?
  • Is the complaint relevant? Then you need to work on the problem and eliminate it.
  • Is the review TOS-compliant?

There is always a chance that people leave offensive, funny or other types of inappropriate comments. There are also cases when your competitors intentionally give false reviews to crush your ranking. Amazon has a special policy for such cases (we will come to that), and we will discuss further how to remove Amazon review.

How can I improve the situation?

Basically, there are two approaches to do this. The first one is to contact the reviewer and try to resolve the problem. This may or may not help, depending on the degree of customer dissatisfaction and your creativity and openness in the discussion. The second one is having Amazon delete the review. If from your perspective, the review violates Amazon rules, is irrelevant or incompetent, you can contact Amazon support and ask them to remove Amazon review. However, you need to justify your request to have Amazon removing reviews.

Rules on Negative Feedback Removal Amazon

As the reviews may be fair or inappropriate, Amazon had set specific criteria as to what kind of reviews are not allowed on their platform. If the feedback doesn’t comply with Amazon's terms of service, bad Amazon reviews will be deleted.

Amazon’s review removal policy is as follows:

  • The review should refer solely to the product;
  • Reviews that compare prices, alternate options, and product availability are not allowed by Amazon
  • Review should not contain hate speech or abusive comments, propagate pornography or Illegal conduct;
  • Review should not contain personal information, like emails;
  • Review should not contain any kind of advertisement;
  • Review should not request or offer a compensation in exchange for content;
  • Review should not contain feedback from competitors;
  • Multiple negative reviews by the same customer for a single product;
  • One-word-reviews.

How to Comment on a Negative Review?

To make a comment a negative review, log in to your Seller Central. Scroll to the “Comments” section of the Product page. Find the review you want to comment on, and click on ‘Add a comment.’

Make sure that that the comment identifies you as a seller and leave your comment.

Contact the reviewer and try to resolve the problem
Contact the reviewer and try to resolve the problem

5 Ways to Remove Bad Reviews on Amazon

The first thing you need to keep in mind is that there are kinds of negative feedback that cannot be removed.

As we said above, there are two approaches as to how to remove a negative review on Amazon: contacting Amazon to remove it or getting in touch with the shopper.

Here are 5 ways how you can do it.

1. Respond directly to the customer review.

Start with apologizing, talk to the customer in an open and friendly manner, show your concern and readiness to cooperate. Explain your view and promise to fix the issue.

Propose to refund the customer and tell them they can keep the product. However, you shouldn't connect refund to the feedback removal, this is not allowed by Amazon.

2. Make your response to the negative review public.

You can choose to respond to the negative review in public, via the Feedback Manager. This is also an efficient way to fight negative review and shows your customer care.

3. Make sure that the negative feedback relates to your product and not the service.

In case if the complaint is about late shipment or a damaged box, this is Amazon’s responsibility as a service provider. Contact them about it. They will update the review with the note: “This item was fulfilled by Amazon, and we take responsibility for this fulfillment experience.”

4. Report review non-compliance with Amazon TOS.

If you notice any kind of abuse or other irrelevant content on the review, contact Amazon Seller Support for Amazon feedback removal. You can also report abuse click on “Report abuse” next to the “Was this review helpful to you?”.

If you suspect that the negative feedback is submitted by the competitor, you can also report it to Seller Support and remove Amazon review. However, you need to have good and clear proof of why the feedback should be deleted.

5. Provide additional information to buyers

If the negative review is fair, there’s not so much you can do about it, as far as Amazon is not going to remove it. But you can make it “less visible” and reduce the damage by giving explanations and providing additional info since it won’t be removed by Amazon. However, you can ensure it’s not very on your page.

How Do You Avoid Negative Reviews?

Whatever you do, there is no way to avoid Amazon negative reviews. There are shoppers who are always unhappy with something, and they can “make your day”.

What you can do is you can reduce the number of Amazon negative reviews to a minimum. The way to do so is to create the perfect product. The product itself should be high quality, the listing should be clear and shopper should have no doubts about it, and you should provide premium customer service.

Are All Negative Reviews Bad?

Basically not, if they are not too many. If you receive many negative reviews, you should ask yourself what’s wrong with your product or services, analyze the feedbacks and fix the problem.

if you handle negative reviews properly, make your comment to the bad reviews public, and give convincing explanations, it might even add value to your product.

If this cannot be done because the criticizing feedback is fair, it will help you enhance your product. Once done, you can leave a comment on this in the bad review, that the problem had been already removed. In most cases, customers would appreciate that you consider their opinion.

Now you know that getting a negative review is not the end of the world. Enjoy your sales and don’t forget about your business analytics. Keeping track of your figures is a key for your account health and maximizing your profits.

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