Aloha, Amazon Seller!

Don't worry if your Amazon seller account is suspended, our guide can help you. Learn how to reactivate a seller account on Amazon and continue to work.

When you sell a lot on Amazon, which you probably do, if you stopped here to read this post, then you know that sooner or later you will bump into one of those very disappointing processes making your life dreadful. Amazon seller suspension is one of those and can happen to any seller, irrespective of perfect reputation or great performance.

The first thing to keep in mind is that a suspended Amazon seller account is not the end of the world. There is a chance for Amazon reinstatement, however, it would require certain efforts from your side. SageSeller created a short guide on what you should do in this case and how to get Amazon suspended account reinstated.

What Are the Types of Amazon Account Suspension?

The first thing you need to do to get your Amazon suspended account reinstated is to stop panicking or throwing the phone against the wall. The majority of the things in the world have a reason, and your account suspension also does. You need to understand what does it mean when your account is suspended and find a way for Amazon reinstatement.

Types of Amazon Account Suspension:

  • Amazon account deactivated;
  • Amazon suspended account;
  • Amazon account denial;
  • Amazon banned account.

Amazon Account Deactivated

This very often happens when Amazon thinks that your account is related to another account that is not allowed to sell on Amazon. In such a case, Amazon deactivates your account and you can no longer sell on it. If you consider, that your account has been deactivated in error, you need to tell it to Amazon. You have 90 days to file an appeal. If you choose not to do it, after that time you may request your funds.

Amazon account deactivated
Amazon account deactivated

Amazon Account Suspension

Amazon account suspended means that your account is inoperative at the moment, but you still can address Amazon and have Amazon reinstate your account by correcting the situation and proposing an improvement plan that will convince Amazon. If you think that your Amazon seller account suspended no reason, you need to contact Amazon and find out why this has happened.

Amazon suspended account
Amazon suspended account

Amazon Account Denial

Denial of Account happens when you have already claimed reactivation for your account, but Amazon has denied it. In such a case there is still a chance to file a modified action plan.

Amazon Banned Account

This is the worst case. This would mean that you are prohibited to sell on this account and there are no chances for appeal.

Amazon banned account
Amazon banned account

Your Amazon Account Is Suspended, Now What?

In short, the answer is as follows: find out why – consider rules – convince Amazon. This means, that you have to understand what is the reason why is your Amazon seller account suspended.

When you outline the reason or reasons for Amazon account suspension, find out what are Amazon rules with regard to Amazon suspended account in your case and what kind of actions you should avoid to improve the situation with Amazon seller suspension.

Once done, write to Amazon and send them a convincing Plan of Action with bullets and a clear explanation of how you are planning to fix the problem. Send it to the Amazon Seller Performance Team for review.

It is very important not to rush; the Plan of Action has to be comprehensive, convincing, and give Amazon a reason to lift the suspension.

Bear in mind, that Amazon wants you to continue selling on the platform, they just want you to increase your sales efficiency or adhere to the rules they established. In most cases, you would consider the rules fair if you would know why they are introduced. Therefore, if they are convinced that you are eager to improve, they will be happy to give you a chance.

Why Is My Amazon Seller Account Suspended?

Poor Account Performance

If your sales efficiency drops and business metrics are low, this would be a sign to Amazon that the service you’re providing to the customer might not be of the highest quality. This is why they would analyze why your performance drops and would like you to present your action plan on how you are going to improve.

Poor Quality Products

If you are selling low-quality, inauthentic, fake, or used items on Amazon, there is a very good chance that sooner or later Amazon will suspend your account. All these things are not allowed for sale on Amazon. The platform is all about customer-centered policy, and Amazon expects you to sell only high-quality items.

Restricted Products

If you’re selling restricted products on Amazon, they may suspend your account. Amazon FBA restrictions mean, that sellers need to get approval before they can sell products in certain categories. The restrictions vary depending on the marketplace and national laws, the lists of restricted categories and products differ, for instance, in the US, and in the UK.

The marketplace distinguishes between restricted categories on Amazon and Amazon restricted products. To sell restricted products, you need to apply for restricted Amazon categories approval. Find out about everyting you need to know about the restricted products here.

Prohibited or Illegal Products

If you’re selling counterfeit, inauthentic, or illegal items, Amazon will detect this and suspend your account.

If you are selling on Amazon, always consider the copyright laws. If you are a beginner on Amazon, it’s better to start with items that are not subject to copyright.

Amazon Policy Violation

Amazon has very well elaborated policies or terms of service, which you are expected to stick to. If you don’t, Amazon can suspend your seller account.

Poor Customer Services

As said, Amazon is a customer-oriented company, and would not like to have onboard the sellers who are treating the buyers badly. Poor customer services include late shipments, canceling orders, and poor customer communication might be the reason for suspension. If you have too many negative customer reviews, this might be a reason for suspension either.

Inaccurate Listing Information

If the information in your listing is inaccurate, missing, or misleading, your account can be suspended. Also, Amazon could suspend you for providing other inaccurate sails details, like inaccurate UPC codes or incorrect account details.

Cheating with Customer Reviews or Competitor Listings

If Amazon suspects, that you are buying reviews or hijacking listings, expect a suspension. Amazon accepts only fair play.

Opening Multiple Accounts

If you’re selling one and the same item on many seller accounts of the same person, Amazon is likely to suspend your account when they notice it.

Directing Buyers to External Websites

As Amazon’s policy is about attracting customers to the platform, they wouldn’t like you to direct the shoppers outside Amazon.

Suspended account
Suspended account

How to Reactivate Seller Account on Amazon?

Same way as you are the owner of your Amazon Seller Account, Amazon is the owner of the marketplace where you sell. They establish rules of the game in this marketplace.

This means that your suspended Amazon account can be reinstated only through due communication with the platform owner.

When you start communicating with Amazon, there are certain things that you definitely shouldn’t do. You shouldn’t make a scandal or threaten the Amazon team. You need to remember that their actions do not imply anything directed personally against you. The marketplace has its own rules drawn up to the benefit of all parties buying and doing sales on

Below you can find a quick guide on what you should and shouldn’t do when you ask yourself a question ‘Amazon account suspended how to get it back?’ and file your first appeal.

What You Should Do

  • Find out why is your account suspended;
  • Get to know Amazon rules regarding the suspension reason;
  • Put in place properly formulated appeal;
  • Create a clear and convincing Plan of Action;
  • Plan of Action should:

  1. Be comprehensive and relevant;

  2. Be short enough (use bullets);

  3. Contain steps for specific improvements;

  4. Give Amazon a clear reason to reinstate your account;

  5. Comply with Amazon rules.

  • Make proactive changes to avoid future suspensions;
  • Be professional, polite, and show your willingness to cooperate.

What You Shouldn’t Do

  • Submit your first appeal in a rush;
  • Send Amazon e-mails every day after filing the appeal;
  • Contact seller support by email or via seller account;
  • Blame shoppers;
  • Open a new account;
  • Issue fake invoices;
  • Be rude to seller performance team;
  • Threaten Amazon with legal action.

Note. When you receive a notification of suspension, your second move after throwing your phone against the wall would most likely be ‘Amazon account suspended how to open a new one?’ This is absolutely wrong. Don’t do it until you understand the reason of suspension. If you open a new account, Amazon will find it out (it’s the same product and non-compliance is still there) and link the newly opened account to your suspended one. This would result in no chances for reinstatement.

How to Prevent an Amazon Account Suspension?

In the majority of the cases, suspension means a warning that you have violated one or another Amazon rule. There are plenty of them, they are frequently changed and Amazon doesn’t expect you to know all of their rules. Suspension, unlike a ban, is Amazon’s way to call you for action and correct the non-compliance.

It makes a big difference for Amazon if they think that you’ve made mistake by chance or they suspect that you’ve deliberately broken their rules with the intention of making harm, cheating, or manipulating the buyers. The latter would most likely result in a permanent account ban.

Here’s how you can prevent your Amazon account suspended:

  • Constantly monitor your product KPIs and account health;
  • Sell only high-quality products;
  • Update your knowledge on Amazon illegal, unsafe, or other restricted products and avoid them;
  • Optimize your listing, make it clear;
  • Drive conclusions from Amazon suspension notice;
  • Stay updated with Amazon seller policy;
  • Improve your customer services and fulfillment management;
  • Consider customer feedback;
  • Don’t open multiple accounts of the same item.