Aloha, Amazon Seller!

Reviews play a vital role in Amazon sales. If you are an Amazon seller, learn what Amazon review trader websites are and use them for your business.

For a seller on, the topmost goal is to sell a product and sell it fast. If you want to earn money on the platform you need to get things going and increase conversions. If you’ll look into the factors that influence customer purchasing decisions, you’ll find out that 87% of those begin with research conducted online, typically on Amazon or Google, and 93% of consumers claim that their purchase decisions were influenced by online reviews.

Getting more reviews is a good and proven tool to grow your product sales and conversions. Moreover, you shouldn’t be scared if you get a portion of negative reviews – that’s a natural thing and won’t harm a lot if you know how to deal with them. It may be a problem if you received a lot of 1-star reviews though. Then it might indicate a problem you have with a product’s listing or the item itself.

There are several ways you can get a review on Amazon. You can contact a shopper who has recently bought your product and ask for a review via e-mail or use the “Request a Review” button. This may or may not help, depending on the case. However, if you have a brand-new item that requires promotion, you’ll need to look for some other options the get reviews. One more way to go is to enroll in Amazon Vine program in which reputable reviewers selected by the platform (Vine Voices) review new and pre-release products and publish these reviews on Amazon. Thing is that you can never be sure of the outcome since the Vine Voices can generate both positive and negative reviews.

Luckily, you still have one more possibility to get reviews – you can do it on a specialized website. Review site displays discounting or free items from the sellers, and any shopper who would like to try the hottest newly released product leaves a review promoting it to a community. This is an efficient way to get reviews for a new item.

In this blog, we will discuss what are Amazon review trader sites, how does Amazon trader review works, and give you AMZ review trader tips on why it’s beneficial to use Amazon review trader sites in your business.

What Are Amazon Trader Review Websites?

AMZ trade reviews sites, otherwise called Amazon review sites, are Amazon review promotion platforms that give shoppers the opportunity to get products at low to no cost, and leave an unbiased review about them. These websites are good options both for shoppers and sellers. Shoppers who like to try new products can receive them at a discounted price, while sellers can promote their novelties to the market, get reviews, and increase their products’ visibility.

In order to become a reviewer, a shopper needs to sign up, create a profile, and get approval from an Amazon review trader to review the product. Then they will receive the item and write a review that contains a picture or a short video.

Snagshout review trader website
Snagshout review trader website

How Do Amazon Review Trader Sites Work?

There are a lot of Amazon product review sites, and each of them may work a little differently, but they function according to the same principle. They list Amazon seller products at a discounted price or for free and a shopper who want to obtain such a product leave a review. These sites connect Amazon sellers with shoppers who want to get new products at a low cost in exchange for a review.

An Amazon seller, who wants to get reviews for his product on one of the Amazon review trade sites, needs to create an account and submit an application to list such product on that website. After approval, you’ll start receiving purchase requests from reviewers who are interested in your product. Some of these sites automatically approve the applications, while others can give you an opportunity to accept or decline shopper requests. Sellers can also use AMZ tracker reviews software, to offer their products on such websites.

Does Amazon Allow You to Use Review Trader Websites?

For the moment, it’s no problem whatsoever to get reviews from Amazon review sites, on the condition that reviewers are not obliged to leave feedback in exchange for free or low-cost items. If a review trader site complies with this rule stating that leaving a review is not a prerequisite of getting a product listed by a seller, this will work fine for Amazon.

Previously, until back in 2016, exchanging discounts or giveaways for reviews was explicitly allowed by Amazon. However, in October 2016 Amazon has revised its Terms of Service in this part, and introduced new policies specifying that sellers cannot openly incentivize shoppers in any way to give positive reviews.

When the new regulations came into force, a number of review trader providers worked together with the Amazon team to ensure that their services and formats are fully compliant with the platform’s rules.

Why Amazon Review Traders Are Beneficial for Shoppers and Sellers?

Amazon review services are very popular with both buyers and sellers since they offer obvious advantages for both parties. Sellers get reviews for their new products they’ll hardly get anywhere else in an easy way, and shoppers can get new items at almost no cost or even absolutely free.

iReviewHome review trader website
iReviewHome review trader website

Why Are Amazon Review Sites Good for Sellers?

Amazon review sites help sellers:

  • Influence customer purchasing decision by giving social proof that product is worth buying;
  • Improve product ranking in Amazon search results;
  • Earn more clicks;
  • Increase traffic to product listing and convert it to sales;
  • Increase sales performance and velocity;
  • Launch new products and get conversions quickly.

Why Are Amazon Review Sites Good for Buyers?

Reviewers on review trader sites have an opportunity to:

  • Get new products either for a much lower price or for free;
  • Save money and cut down on expenses on products at 50 to 100%;
  • Save time by shopping online;
  • Try out new products that just appeared on the market.