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What is A+ content and how to use it? Follow a complete guide about Amazon A+ content and learn how to increase customer trust and boost conversion rates.

Tons of competition on make it vital for sellers to increase their product ranking and visibility to reach their customers, boost sales, and increase brand awareness. Apart from the tools aimed at growing organic sales, marketing strategies are applied to help your brand and products stand out, increase ranking and conversions, win the Buy Box, and drive traffic to your listing.

Whether you start selling on Amazon or you are an established and experienced “business shark” merchant, the first thing you do if you have your own brand is create the perfect listing. The second thing you do is review and optimize your listing. Content is king, and Amazon is not an exception in this respect. When a shopper searches for your product, your brand's listing is the first thing they encounter and it’s the “moment of truth” with your item. Poor and unclear descriptions or fuzzy images are killing your sales. The more quality content you create about your product, the better is your chance to reach your target audience.

Amazon, being a marketing-friendly platform, offers merchants a lot of marketing tools to promote their products and brands. A+ content Amazon is one of such tools available to sellers. It can help differentiate your brand, answer FAQs, add on to your product details, entice shoppers to make a purchase decision, increase conversion rates, and reduce negative feedback rates. Amazon claims that A+ content helps increase the overall sales of a product by 3 – 10% on average.

In this post, we will discuss what is A plus Amazon, what is an A+ content, A+ benefits, A+ certification, how to create Amazon A+ content, and a lot of other Amazon A plus-related topics.

What is A+ Content?

A+ content Amazon refers to a product listing description of brand owners which allows them to use extra enhanced options to add rich texts, videos, images, and brand stories to their ASINs. You can also add comparison charts, HD videos to drive high conversions to your listings. It enables brand owners to replace their standard text descriptions with more engaging content and extra info, like multimedia, graphics, and detailed descriptions.

Amazon A+ page allows sellers to personalize their listing content and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Amazon also offers vendors a feature called premium Amazon A+ content or A++ content. This option used by big brands provides 16 additional modules and other advanced selling tools. The program is invite-only and very expensive.

What Does Amazon A+ Contain?

The A+ page can include the following content types:

On the detail page:

  • Enhanced Product Description;
  • Custom paragraph headers and images;
  • The unique image and text layouts;
  • Product comparison charts;
  • Bulleted feature lists.

In the Product Description section of the Amazon detail page:

  • Brand content;
  • Carousel display with full-screen background on desktop and mobile devices;
  • Image and text cards;
  • Links to other products and the brand store.

In the ‘From the Brand’ section of the Amazon detail page:

You can publish content to all ASINs that you own as a registered brand owner in Amazon Brand Registry, and have up to 20 pending submissions in review at one time.

Find Amazon A+ page examples below.

A+ Amazon listing content example
A+ Amazon listing content example

A+ Content Guidelines

Amazon has specific terms and policies regarding types of content that may not be allowed.

Image and text formatting

  • Supported image file types include .jpg, .bmp, and .png in the RGB colorspace. CYMK colorspace is not supported. Individual files must remain under 2 MB. Resolution should be at least 72 dpi. The use of animated images (for example, .gif) is prohibited.
  • Don’t use blurry or low-quality images;
  • Don’t use an alt-text that does not describe the image;
  • Avoid reusing the images that are currently published in the image gallery;
  • Include only one brand logo and icons that help customers navigate through the text;
  • Avoid grammatical errors, punctuation errors, misspellings;
  • Content written in languages other than the one specified in the content, including HTML tags, is not permitted.

Content restrictions

  • Warranty or guarantee information is forbidden;
  • Any violations to restricted product policies, category requirements, or program policies are prohibited;
  • Do not reference your company as a seller or distributor;
  • Do not include any shipping details;
  • No quotes or attributions may be made in A+ content to individuals, customers, or other private figures;
  • Do not reference or compare products with competitors;
  • Comparison charts may only compare against other products owned by the same brand;
  • Do not include pricing, promotional details, or discounts;
  • Do not mention time-sensitive information;
  • Trademarks and copyright symbols are acceptable if they’re of reasonable size;
  • Weblinks or language attempting to redirect to other sites are prohibited;
  • Content that violates Amazon's Adult products policies is not allowed;
  • References to off-Amazon customer service or contact information are prohibited.

Who Can Create Amazon A+ Content?

There are certain eligibility requirements for those who can create A+ content on Amazon. It is only available to brand owners enrolled in the Amazon Brand Registry, and emerging brand owners who are part of Amazon selling programs, such as Launchpad and Amazon Exclusives.

That means that if you’d like to use A+ content you'll need to comply with the two requirements: have a trademarked brand and submit an application to be enrolled in Amazon’s Brand Registry Program. If you have your own brand but haven’t joined the Brand Registry, you'll need to address the local patent office and trademark your brand. Once your brand is trademarked, go to Amazon’s Brand Registry page to join the program. You’ll need to submit the brand you’re registering, its trademark number, and a list of product categories your brand belongs to.

After the seller has been approved under A+ certification Amazon, they can add A+ only to products that are part of the approved brand catalog.

How Much Does A+ Content Cost?

A+ detail pages are free for the brand owners registered under Amazon’s Brand Registry Program. A+ Content is also available for free for the vendors in the Vendor Central.

The Benefits of Amazon A+ Content

#1. More Control over the Listing Page

The A+ content gives brands more possibilities to control their intellectual property, brand, and product details on Amazon. You can personalize your page, and add your brand story.

#2. Increased Product Visibility

With an A+ content, you have more tools to catch an eye of a shopper. Images and media always attract more attention and make the product stand out. Not to mention, that adding more color, images, and graphics are pleasing to the eye.

#3. Adding Detailed Information

Considering that Amazon stops supporting HTML on product descriptions due to security reasons and because they want to offer a better experience to non-HTML devices, they are removing any HTML tags from the product pages. This is going to be a problem for the sellers who are not using A+ content.

Adding a lot of structured text helps you attract the shopper’s attention to the most important messages you want to deliver to the shoppers. You can highlight your benefits, show all important features and explain all necessary details about your item.

#4. Better Buyers’ Education, Lower Return Rate

Using media content helps you better educate your shoppers. Additional images and video give a better idea of what they’re buying, hence lower return rates. And assuming you qualify, adding A+ content to your listing is free. Also, happy customers are more likely to leave a positive review on Amazon.

#5. Helps Drive Conversions

As said above, according to Amazon’s estimations, product listings with A+ content can have up to 10% more sales. The eye-catching content converts better and accelerates the purchase decision process, increases ROAS, and helps ACoS optimization.

Adding a lot of structured text helps you attract the shopper’s attention
Adding a lot of structured text helps you attract the shopper’s attention

How To Create an A+ Content?

Step 1. Login to your Seller Central account.

Step 2. Go to Advertising and click on A+ Content Manager

Step 3. Click on Start creating A+ content. Fill in a template.

Step 4. Select from A+ content types of modules, choose “Self-service modules” or “Amazon builds for you”. If you click “Self-service modules,” get to a page and enter the product to create the content. Select from a list of the modules. Click the continue button, add the image and content.

Step 5. With “Amazon builds for you” get to a page where you need to upload your text and images, and Amazon will do the rest of the job for you.

Step 6. Enter the project name.

Step 7. Design the layout and upload your content.

Step 8. Click the Finish button.

If you've filled in everything correctly, Amazon will review and activate your A+ page within 7 business days.

After you’ve created your A+ content, you need to ensure it is performing. For that, it is important to monitor your TACoS and calculate your organic and ad sales separately.

There is a separation between Amazon SEO and Amazon paid search, and SEO-based and PPC-based strategies are radically different. Amazon SEO is targeted at increasing organic sales through product visibility. For this purpose, you need to concentrate on listing optimization. You need to add the most relevant researched keywords, including backend keywords, as well as add high-quality images, videos, bullets, clear descriptions, and other things that create perfect Amazon listing content.