Wondering how to get an Amazon choice badge for your products? Or you want to get an Amazon Best Seller Badge? Follow our guide and we’ll help you with it.

Have you asked yourself why does Amazon have a different kind of badges attached to the products? There are several of them on Amazon.com. Over time, Amazon has developed a lot of different badges granted to various products.

There are thousands of products sold on Amazon in certain categories. The badges are aimed at helping customers make a purchase decision. Amazon is interested that shoppers buy from the platform, as that’s their core business, and they mark their best-selling products to show buyers what to look at to make their dream purchase.

Therefore, the answer to the question ‘how to get an Amazon badge’ is easy: you should have premium quality and appropriately listed products. Then, Amazon would recommend your product to its customers. Once obtained, the badge, in turn, drives additional conversions. With proper marketing strategy and good sales volumes, there is a good chance you would get an Amazon badge in your category.

In this blog, we will discuss what kind of badges you can get on Amazon, what does Amazon's choice mean, what does Best Sellers Badge mean, and what is the difference between Amazon choice and Best seller.

What Kind of Badges Does Amazon Grant?

Amazon has several approaches to granting badges. Badges are given to bestsellers, best brands, best newly released products, and items associated with the best deals.

Amazon badges are:

  • Best Sellers Badge;
  • Amazon’s Choice Badge;
  • New Release Badge;
  • Top Brand Badge;
  • The New Badge;
  • Climate Pledge Friendly Badge;
  • Extra Savings, Coupons, and Discount Badges;
  • Limited-Time Sales Badges.

Best Sellers Badge

Amazon Best Sellers Badge is awarded to the best-selling product in its category or sub-category. It looks like the orange ribbon on the top-left corner of a product page. It shows that you have a high sales rank and a majority of sellers strive to get it.

Best Sellers Badge is granted to 100 best sellers in every category, and Amazon shows these products on top of the buyers’ search results.

Best Sellers Badge
Best Sellers Badge

How to Get Amazon Best Seller Badge?

Getting Best Sellers Badge depends a lot on the same metrics that influence Amazon seller ranking.

Winning Best Seller Badge is influenced by the best sellers rank (BSR) updated every hour, therefore it is important to constantly sell big volumes of the product, it counts.

Here’s what you need to improve to earn the Best Sellers Badge:

  • Create a perfect product listing (review SEO, relevancy of product category, quality of product details, images, and video);
  • Increase Organic Sales;
  • Review pricing strategy;
  • Estimate efficiency of your advertising strategy (impressions; PPC Sales, CTR);
  • Increase Conversion Rate;
  • Maintain good Sales History.
Best Sellers Badge
Best Sellers Badge

Amazon’s Choice Badge

This kind of badge looks like a black ribbon on the top-left corner of a product page. What does Amazon's choice mean? This badge is granted based on Amazon’s keyword-specific algorithm and is issued to one product per keyword. The product should have a good BSR and include commonly-searched keywords on the listing.

Amazon's choice badge
Amazon's choice badge

How to Get Amazon Choice Badge?

Since winning the badge is SEO-sensitive, you need to look into it.

Here’s what you need to improve to win Amazon’s Choice Badge:

  • Include Amazon commonly-searched keywords on your listing;
  • Be Prime-eligible;
  • Keep the negative review rates low;
  • Review pricing strategy;
  • Minimize return rates.

Amazon's Choice vs. Best Seller Badge

The large majority of merchants on Amazon know the difference between Amazon Choice vs Best Seller. Although both badges are granted to high-quality products. Both badges are granted to high-quality products, however, Amazon's Choice Badge is awarded to the best match for a particular keyword, while the Best Seller Badge is issued to products that have the best sales numbers and BSR in their category.

This means, that when Amazon awards Amazon’s Choice, this is an SEO-based selection, whereas the Amazon's Choice products badge candidates are chosen on basis of sales velocity. A better-selling product receives a Best Seller badge if it sells better in its product category. A product, that has a set of relevant search terms, however, receives Amazon’s Choice badge for the optimized SEO.

Sometimes it can happen that a product can receive both badges: a Best Seller badge for great sales and Amazon’s Choice for an SEO.

Due to shopper’s psychology, unlike Amazon’s Choice, Best Seller Badge is more outspoken and explicitly shows what it means - its name speaks for itself. Therefore, shoppers subconsciously trust the products marked with that badge. They anticipate it as the product being a best seller and think “probably, this is a good thing to purchase if many other shoppers have chosen it”.

Amazon's choice badge
Amazon's choice badge

New Release Badge

This badge looks like an orange ribbon with the text #1 New Release on the top-left corner of a product page. As the name hints, this badge is awarded to newly released products that sell great from day 1.

New Release Badge
New Release Badge

How to Get New Release Badge?

For Amazon to award your product this badge, your product should stand out and excel your competitors.

Here’s what you need to improve to win New Release Badge:

  • Create an eye-catching product listing;
  • Rank on page 1 of your category;
  • Increase Organic Sales;
  • Beat competitor best-sellers volumes in your category.

Top Brand Badge

This badge is granted to high-quality and reputable brands. As a lot of deals made on the platform are price-sensitive, Amazon promotes popular brands showing them on a separate Top Brand Badge. Also, many customers prefer to purchase a specific brand, which accelerates the buyer decision process.

Top Brand Badge
Top Brand Badge

How to Get Top Brand Badge?

In order to become Amazon choice for a Top Brand Badge, you need to have a vast product portfolio and good sales volumes.

Here’s what you need to improve to win Top Brand Badge:

  • Be a premium brand on Amazon;
  • Offer many different products under this brand;
  • Sell big volumes;
  • Maintain high conversion rates;
  • Offer perfect services justified by customer satisfaction.

The New Badge

The New badge looks like a red banner on the top-left corner of a product page. This recently introduced badge indicates newly launched products with perfect listings and high quality.

Climate Pledge Friendly Badge

This badge is issued within the frames of Amazon’s Climate Pledge initiative and is awarded to products that accord with environmental certifications. When shoppers click on the Climate-Friendly badge, they can view the certifications and learn how they help save the environment. These products are also displayed on a separate list on Amazon.

Climate-Friendly badge
Climate-Friendly badge

How to get Climate Pledge Friendly Badge?

To obtain this badge, products must be certified according to the criteria, which you can find here.

There are other types of badges, generated by the sellers themselves, not by Amazon.

Discounts, Coupons, and Extra Savings Badges

Amazon attaches special badges to all discounted products. When you offer a discount on your items, they will appear with an orange ribbon saying ‘discount’, or a green one, if you are a Prime member. You can make both percent-off or dollar-off discounts to stimulate sales.

You can also add a Coupon badge, or an Extra Savings badge, however, coupons are paid option from Amazon.

Coupon badge
Coupon badge

Limited-Time Sales Badges

Prime Exclusive Discounts and Event Badges are intended to promote products’ participation in the events like Prime Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday. To participate in those, you need to prepare and register in advance. Seller-specific Amazon events are a good chance to boost your sales.

To find out, how to prepare and register for Seller-specific Amazon events, read this article.

Deal of The Day and Limited Time Deals badges indicate the deals valid for short-time periods. They will show on Amazon’s Today’s Deal page (or Gold Box page), which is extremely popular with shoppers. The Deal of the Day badge looks like an orange badge above the product’s price. It is selected by Amazon’s algorithm and indicates the best deals for a certain day. The Limited Time Deal is a red or gray banner located between the star rating and the price. It’s attached to the product offered under a 7-day deal. These two are not free either.

Other Badges

Amazon also has special badges for its employees. Amazon Blue badge is issued for full-time Amazon employees, Yellow badge is for vendors and contractors working with the platform, and White badge is for seasonal staff.